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1959 Buick Invicta Coupe - Reynolds Buick's first race car, and a very successful one at that. Called the "winningest Buick of all time", this car accumulated an astonishing 132 trophies in its career before being retired in 1961. On its first run, the Tampico Red finned beauty turned a 15.0 at 90 mph. With milled heads and a 4.44 rear end, the time dropped to 14.70 at 93 mph. On the Reynolds books as a demo, upon retirement it was sold as a used car!

1961 Buick Invicta Coupe - Encouraged by the success of the '59 Invicta, Pete ordered a '61 in a rich maroon known as Rio Red. Set up similarly to the '59 with a 4.44 rear end and milled heads, plus headers and Casler tires, the Invicta turned a 14.21 at 97.70 mph and won 38 consecutive races between May 21 and Sept 10, 1961. Lennie then put the racing slicks in the trunk and DROVE the Invicta to Indianapolis where he was rewarded with a class win- a feat that he repeated in 1962.

1965 Buick Gran Sport (Number One) - A new look for Reynolds' 50th Anniversary- Tiger Gold (special order) with tan interior and white top. A promising career was cut short on April 3, 1965, when Pete Reynolds took the car over to Hooker Headers in Pomona to negotiate a distributorship from them. On the way back, it had unexpectedly begun to rain and the GS still had its racing slicks on. It rolled onto its roof as Pete attempted to exit I-10 at Holt Avenue. Except for damage to his shoulder and his pride, Pete took the impact remarkably well. The Gran Sport was less fortunate, and a replacement car had to be located.

1965 Buick Gran Sport (Number Two) - Located in two days from another dealer, this car started life in Arctic White with red interior, and was hurriedly repainted in Tiger Gold. The engine was transplanted from the rolled Number One car and the car was hurriedly prepared for racing. With Jim Bell's tuning mods, the car ran 12.30 at 111 mph. This car enjoyed a long career with many wins and helped establish the reputation of the Gran Sport as a muscle car to be reckoned with. Pop Kennedy himself purchased the car upon its retirement and kept it for several years.

1967 Buick Gran Sport GS400 -The first of the new big block 400 engines in the mid size GS body, this Gold Mist 1967 GS400 was campaigned for only one season before the totally new intermediate body was introduced for 1968. As prepared by Jim, Bell, this car ran 12.10 seconds at 111 mph. The style change caused Pete to replace this car with a new one.


1968 Buick GS400
- Pop discovered that the newly restyled fenders would accommodate wider racing slicks, so this particular styling change proved beneficial on the track. This particular car was in service while Dennis Manner was developing Stage 1 engine parts, so it became a factory test mule for the upcoming 455 program. It is more remembered for testing the 455 engine and the prototype Stage 2 components than it is for its actual victories, but in many ways it set the stage for its most famous successor, the 455 Stage 2.

1970 Buick GS455 Stage 2 - The jewel in the crown, and the most important Reynolds Buick racer of all time. To prepare for the 1970 season, Buick's Bill Trevor special ordered this car himself and it was built along with two others, a red one ultimately destined for Dave Benisek and a Stage 2 GSX prototype that spent some time on the west coast before returning to Buick headquarters. With now only thinly veiled factory support, this one was a powerhouse- running in the Super Stock class, the beast turned 10.70s at 123mph! 


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